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District 3 Boys Golf Post Season


1) The names (actual student-athlete) of the individual participants will be added  
     to tee sheet and posted one week prior to tournament.    
2)  Team participants (five individuals that will make up team) need to be declared
      and reported to league golf Commissioner by Friday, May 10 by noon. (sooner is
      better) commissioner will then report to tournament manager.      

School Year:
2018-19 WCD/SWD 3A-4A Golf Tournament
Location:Gold Mountain Golf Course (4A) Trophy Lake (3A B) 
Date:May 13 - May 14, 2019 
Director:Keith Patefield
2018-19 3A WCD Golf Syllabus
2018-19 WCD 3A Tee Times With names
2018-19 WCD 3A-4A Golf Format
2019 WCD 4A Golf Syllabus
2019 WCD-SWD 4A Golf Final Results
2019 WCD-SWD 4A Boys and Girls Day 1 Results
GO WCD 3A Boys Final Results 18-19
2018-18 WCD 2A Boys Golf Championships
Location:Gold Mountain 
Date:May 15, 2019 
Director:Kelly Kirk
2018-19 2A Golf Syllabus
2018-19 WCD 2A Boys Tee Times
2018-19 1A WCD Golf Tournament
Location:Gold Mountain Golf Course 
Date:May 15, 2019 
Director:Andy Sears
(206) 463-8665
2018-19 1A WCD Golf Syllabus
2018-19 WCD 1A Boys Golf Tee Times-updated
2019 1B/2B Boys Tri-District Golf Tournament
Location:The Gallery 
Date:May 16, 2019 
Director:Ryan Wilson

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